How We Do It

From Discovery to Manufacturing

Our Custom Soft Goods Process

At 3FDM, we believe in simplicity, quality, and reliability. Our simple soft goods design and manufacturing process provides a cost-effective, timely approach and guarantees reliable, customized soft goods of the highest quality. We also offer US and overseas manufacturing to accommodate small and high volume products.

custom soft goods & oem manufacturing with expert design team



We begin with learning more about you and your company - your needs, expectations, and goals. Our soft goods and OEM designs are created to solve your problems with custom, stylish and affordable solutions you can trust - and within the budget and timeline, you expect.

custom soft goods stiching and design


Design & Prototyping

Our soft goods design team is off to the drawing board to conceptualize and develop a custom soft goods solution to solve your problem. We focus on ensuring you receive a superior product which is functional, fully customizable, and fashionable.

We don’t stop until we get it right. Our team is proactive and tests and refines your product until we can ensure it will provide the quality product needed to meet your needs.

custom soft goods design with expert team of designers



In our final stage of our custom soft goods process, our manufacturing team is in charge. They focus on creating a unique, handmade product that meets all expectations, from quality to customization and performance. We work hard to get it right and don’t stop until you’re completely satisfied.