We’re dedicated to exceeding expectations.

Here’s why.

A soft goods manufacturing & design company with you in mind.

The 3FDM Story

Our mission is to create a company where our employees love coming to work, and our partners enjoy working with us. It's more than a vendor/customer relationship. We work together with our partners to create an atmosphere and working relationship where everyone succeeds. Our focus is You. Your product. Your success. It's the 3FDM way.

What Makes Us Different

We’ve been on the other side of this conversation. We understand your needs and expectations. Time. Cost. Quality. Transparency. There’s nothing worse than working with a company that provides mediocre products & services, at ridiculous prices and expects your continued business. It’s frustrating and, frankly, insulting. Having been in your shoes, we work hard to ensure you receive the highest quality soft goods in the time you expected and at a cost you can afford. We want you to receive the best products every time and work hard to make that happen – because your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

custom OEM soft goods design & manufacturing with team of designers
OEM soft goods design & manufacturing testing & review

Industries We Serve

We provide custom soft goods manufacturing and design to several industries. Take a look.

  • Mobile Computing / IT
  • Medical
  • Safety
  • Fall protection
  • First responder
  • Mining
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Travel and luggage
  • Promotional products
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Wearable
  • Field service
  • Pet
  • Business professionals
  • Personal electronics
  • Defense
  • Music
  • Construction
  • Telecommunications
  • Motorcycle
  • Photography
  • Hospitality
  • Food Service / Delivery
  • Custom consumer products